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Trusted Heating Experts in Manassas, VA

Want to ensure your home and family are comfortable during the winter months? Airflow Service Company has been serving the community in Northern VA with exceptional heating services since 2003, and we’re committed to offering a higher level of customer service and satisfaction than you’ll find anywhere else. Contact us for solutions to your heating concerns by licensed and insured technicians.

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Complete Heating Maintenance and Repairs

We offer a number of high-efficiency gas-burning heating equipment options for homeowners throughout the area. We work with the biggest names in home heating to ensure you get a quality product that meets your needs. Need maintenance and repairs? Our trained HVAC techs can help no matter what brand of equipment you have in your home.

  • Heater Installations – We install new energy-efficient heating equipment in homes of all sizes. Upgrading your system is a fantastic way to lower your energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint for a healthier home and safer environment.
  • Heating Repairs – Contact us for 24/7 emergency repairs. Breakdowns are never convenient, and our team is committed to responding quickly to your needs to get your heat back on and warming up your home.
  • Preventative Maintenance – The best way to ensure you’re ready for winter is by scheduling a preventive maintenance visit. Our team will inspect your equipment, look for issues, replace parts as necessary, and test the system, ensuring it’s ready to go.

Comfort Club Program Peace of Mind

Our Comfort Club Program is designed to save customers money on repairs and emergency issues over time and ensure they’re living in a safe and healthy environment. When you join the club, you’ll receive regular HVAC inspections and preventative maintenance to help save on utility bills and reduce the risk of emergency repairs. All at an affordable cost. Membership includes 25 Airflow dollars with each year’s contract renewal to put towards any new equipment or accessory purchase as well as the following:

Discounts on Parts and Labor for Repairs
24-Hour Emergency Service Response
Free Reminders When Maintenance Is Due
Increased Equipment Life
Lower Utility Bills
Priority Services
Peace of Mind All With Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Heat Pump Installation & Repair

Heat pumps are one of the fastest-growing technologies homeowners are looking into because of their many benefits. The name is a little misleading. While they do work to provide heat for your home, the same unit also functions as your air conditioner in the summer. A heat pump transfers heat from one location to another. In the summer, it removes warm air from inside your home and sends it outside. In the winter, it takes warm air from outside (even when it’s cold) and sends it indoors to heat the house. Heat pumps don’t burn natural gas, are more energy-efficient, help reduce your spending on utilities, and install easily using your existing ductwork.

Heating Services to Get You Ready for Winter

Airflow Service Company offers comprehensive heating services to help residents in the Manassas, VA area prepare for winter. Contact us for preventative maintenance, emergency repairs, installation of new equipment, or upgrade with a heat pump. Our solutions are focused on creating healthy indoor air with energy-efficient solutions. Call our friendly team today.

Schedule an Inspection With Us Today