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Residential Standby Generator Installation in Manassas, VA

Do you have a backup power solution for you and your family when heavy storms or accidents knock out the electricity? Having the resources to keep your power running during an outage is more than a convenience. It’s a safety issue. Airflow Service Company offers standby generator installation for homeowners throughout the Manassas, VA area by licensed and insured technicians. We offer products from Honeywell, a leading manufacturer of trusted generators for decades. Contact us to schedule a free estimate for your generator installation to protect your home and family.

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Benefits of a Home Standby Generator

When we install a Honeywell backup generator in your house, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your home life can continue with minimal disruption, no matter what type of storm rolls through our region. When utility power is lost in your home, your standby generator will automatically turn on within seconds of sensing the power disruption. When power is restored, your generator will automatically return to standby mode.

Protect Your Home From the Following

Freezing Pipes

Winter storms knock out power lines, and if you're unable to heat your home, you could face the added headache and damage of frozen and burst pipes in your house.


Summer storms with flooding rain cause issues with roof leaks and in basements. If your home is without power and you can't run your air conditioner, not only is it uncomfortable, but hot, humid conditions breed mold.

Loss of Refrigeration

Ensuring you can continue to run your refrigerator will save you money from spoiled food in the fridge if the power is out for an extended time.


Electricity to charge mobile phones, tablets, and computers is essential to maintaining communication beyond the home. You can continue to let loved ones know you’re ok and contact emergency services if necessary.


We don't realize how much we rely on lights until they're unavailable. Having lights powered by a generator is safer than burning candles and more convenient than rationing batteries for flashlights.

Schedule a Free Estimate for Standby Generator Installation

Airflow Service Company installs standby generators in the Manassas, VA area to safeguard against power outages. Honeywell generators are powered by natural gas, and our licensed and insured team will handle your project from start to finish. We customize your backup generator to take care of the basics like lights, refrigeration, and HVAC appliances, or we can install a larger unit to power even more. We have options to match your budget. Contact us today.

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